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Page 13                           CHAPTER 10 (continued)

The rear engine mount sits about 4 inches behind the crossmember and unfortunately cannot be easily supported on this. Unlike other 4 speed conversions dealt with next.


Opel, M-20 / M-21, Saginaw / Muncie / T-10, Borg Warner, Borg Warner Single Rail / Top Loader / Datsun / Toyota / Mazda,

OPEL: By far the easiest and neatest 4 speed conversion for the early holden. It fits in with little effort only minor denting of the floor crossmember for a RH linkage. The Opel clutch must be used with an 8-3/8 inch pressure plate and all fits up well. Either gearshift can be used. Torana type (on extension housing) or Monaro (remote floor mounted) and the engine mount at rear aligns with the floor crossmember. The standard speedo cable fits, and the FB/EK manual tailshaft, with Opel yoke fitted is the correct length. The mechanical clutch connects up well and no other floor clearance is encountered except for the breather - as per Datsun. Rear crossmember can be owner fabricated and is equally ideal for sedans as it aligns with some area of strength to mount if from. This box can be mounted to either grey or reds with engine mount adaptors for grey being available as per M-21 gearbox.

Opels contrary to popular rumour aren't that bad, for when in good condition give little trouble, and only really broke when fitted to heavy vehicles with tall diff ratios and in an early holden are a very rewarding conversion

The best Opel to use is a Torana type with shifter on extension housing and fitted with the cast iron base plate as this is the revised gearbox and is the stronger one available. Heavy duty clutches are available and extremly rare, as no one considers it necessary to stock such an item.


Same basic gearbox as the all syncro, except with another gear inside and reverse placed in the extension housing. It shares a common clutch, bell housing and overall length and spline on output shaft, but it involves quite major floor and crossmember surgery to mount the gearbox successfully. Any floor or crossmembers that have to be cut must be rebuilt to maintain adequate strength for a roadworthy conversion.

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