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Page 14                             CHAPTER 10 (continued)

        Basic fitting of the gearbox is similar to all syncro, except bell housing be fitted first then floor area removed to allow the gearbox to be fitted, measurements of length and width of gearbox can be used as a guide for floor removal which usuall extends about 8 to 10 inches behind the crossmember ranging from the width of the coverplate tapering off behind the X member to form an almost triangler end. When the gearbox has been mounted as per all syncro box, floor and crossmember around the gearbox is maintained. Usually another floor tunnel from a later model car is a good staring point and 1-1/2 inch square box tube (1/16 inch wall) will be adequate for crossmember re-construction.

        Gearshifts vary from different models with both requiring the fitment of bucket seat, but a bench seat can be used in conjunction with a 1 ton bench seat shifter.

        Tailshaft and speedo cable are acquired from Torana (LC-LJ) for tailshaft and LC-LJ or HK-T-G for the speedo cable. Some Aussie 4 speeds have been fitted with little or no floor work but dramatic drive angles result from the gearbox being mounted so low at the rear to clear crossmember.

        These gearboxes are very robust, and will handle most 6 cyl, M20's being the most common, being referred to as having three firsts and a fourth, while M21's (usually from XU1's) are very rare, and possess very well spaced ratios. A conversion involving the fitting of these gearboxes is not the easiest and should only be contempted by people, who not only know how to cut, but also know how to weld and fabricate floors amd mounts in a way suitable for legality and reliability.

        BORG WARNER (4 cyl box - Datsun/Toyota - local assembly Commodore 4 cyl (UC Torana))

        A very good and usually cheap 4 speed but is quite large, especially around the rear area where floor modifications are needed for clearance. The Toyota or Commodore are the best choices, as these all ready have the correct bell housing (both fitted with Starfire motors), they are however, quite long and bulky and are equiped with a "Cable Clutch" release mechanism and some work is required to convert to a "Push to release mechanism". Datsun gearboxes however have a "Push to release" arm and must be fitted with an adaptor plate to bolt up. Original type clutch discs (as per Toyota/CommodoreDatsun) can be used with existing pressure plate and suitable Spigot. These gearboxes are fitted with a 360 degree bell housing and are quite robust around the lower areas and are strong enough to facilitate side engine mounts.

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