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Page 16                      CHAPTER 10 (continued)

        Also notching of the gearbox on the LHS top to provide for clearance of the Holden starter as outlined in the instructions supplied with the adaptor.

        As a swap it is classed as an evergreen, giving good strength and reliability for cost, and since these boxes have been around since the late 60's they are more plentiful. And are considered quite light compared to other 4 speeds due to their all alloy case construction.


        A large and strong box (similar to Celica 5 speed) needing a replacement bell housing and quite major floor surgery. A fitting kit is supplied by most conversion houses which includes all parts, spigot throwout race and carrier clutch disc, etc; which simplifies the conversion somewhat but fitting is not as easy as other boxes.

        Gearbox and bell housing have to be fitted up as one, and servere floor clearance trouble will be encountered for correct fitment.

        Tailshaft and mounts must be owner fabricated as needed, but a yoke is now available to suit Toyota output spline and holden uni. These gearboxes are very similar to cast case Celica 5 speed requiring much the same floor section and crossmember modification much the same modification to the floor.

        These boxes although very strong and cheap, are not highly regarded due to difficulty in fitment although they also possess an excellent fully enclosed gearshift, but are not as neat a conversion as the Datsun.


        A good range of gearboxes are available made by Toyota, mostly from Celica (both split and cast case) and Mazda, only from the Rotaries. After market production bell housing are available for all of these boxes complete, with fitting kits, making the job of adaption a simple one. Major floor and crossmember surgery needed for all of these gearboxes for a successful conversion.

        The Mazda and split case Toyota being suitable for most 6 cyls as strength goes, with the cast case Toyota box being able to handle any 6 and being strong enough to hang on most V8's as with early Holdens being only a light vehicle the box will not destroy itself as with this conversion in larger cars.

        Similar adaption techniques are used with previous conversions, with tailshaft, crossmember, etc, having to be owner fabricated to suit.

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