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Page 18                                   CHAPTER 11


        FE HUBS. Must be early FE - small race bearings go straight on, with original brakes using FE-FC drums, on early front ends with knee-action shocks, no clearance problems are encountered. But with "FJ" type, upper arm spreader bar has to be removed and relocated in further.


        KING PINS, Fit up king pins, but will have to change upper outer pivot to FJ, FE, FC, in FB - EK models, all late king pins have to be bent for correct chamber adjustment (Normal wheel alignment pratice) late king pins raise front of vehicle approx 2 inches, so lowered springs need to be used. Late king pins need lock stops on back of stub ground down to retain full steering lock. Late EK lines for brakes are small 3/16 same as EH on.


        KING PINS, Small, same fitment procedure as above but difference in lines 3/16 inch > 1/4 inch, PBR brake booster unions are suitable to match up lines or the early line (48-60) can be rethreaded to fit late model wheel cylinder.

NOTE......All late model king pins widen track approx 1-1/2 inchs per side.

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