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Page 20                          CHAPTER 12 (continued)

        COWL VENT, Which usually rusts and is easier to replace than repair, a good one can usually be located from a rusted out car, easiest from join at windscreen to top of firewall, meaning only two joins extending from windscreen to bonnet, I have seen and been in many early Holdens where the vent has been sealed up and cabin ventilation is poor.

        UNDER BOOT PANEL, Easily replaced, although the replacement panel is flat, where the original is curved, with careful locating and clamping into position fits well and is easy to weld.

        Most other rust repairs are straight forward and with care and thought will turn out satisfactory. Remember it's easier to cut than weld, so take care when preparing for rust repairs, well cut and fitting repairs panels are easier to work with and also make the finished repair neater and professional.

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