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Page 1                                     CHAPTER 1

          The easiest way to make the handbrake efficient is to replace the original rear brakes with the complete asemblies off the FE/FC. These will fit in the original rear drums and are compatible with the standard wheel cylinder. The handbrake actuators have much more travel than the original. Everything is bolt up sway and cannot be picked from the original except that the handbrake works and stays in adjustment much longer.    (FE/FC drums are the same width and diameter as FX/FJ)
          As the early Holden handbrakes ratchets wear quite extensively and become un-usable an easy replacement can be found cheaply from VE/VF Valiant, it bolts under tha dash as original and also bolts to the FJ adjusting arm. It is also of dual ratchet design. A cheap and easy replacement assembly that won't fail when needed.

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