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Page 9                           CHAPTER 9 (continued)


The easiest and least expensive carb. Set up is twin Stromburgs. This involves the purchase of 1 Stromberg, manifold and linkages. Other popular set-ups are - Triple 1-1/4 inch SUs, these are the most suitable Combo for a mildly modified street motor. Larger SUs i.e. 1-1/2 inch or 1-3/4 inch either twin or triples may be fitted, the later i.e. 1-3/4 inch are for full on motors only. Its no good putting on large carbs on a motor that doesnt need it. Other induction set-ups are, twin, single down draft Webber or Strombergs - 2 barrels. These werent generally popular, as they are tended to supply either to little or to much fuel. The Twin 2 barrels being excessive. Single 45mm Webber manifolds were fairly uncommon but work well, Triple Strombergs tend to flood rather badly at low revs but like 1-3/4 inch SUs worked quite well at high revs.

Fuel injection for the street is generally ineffective. Tuned injection is better but is quite rare. The main problem being mounting the pump itself.

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