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Page 12                                  CHAPTER 10

                               FITTING LATE MODEL GEARBOXES



No advantage at all by fitting this gearbox - same internal gearset as grey gearbox - it has a seperate bell housing with a difficult to adapt hydrualic clutch set up - forget this one.


Known as the Aussie 3 speed or M15, it is an extremly strong gearbox, with synchro 1st gear, a good fitting conversion, with mere minimal floor surgery. These gearboxes will bolt to both grey or red motors, using the corresponding clutch and pressure plate with spigot bearing being common to all holden motors. Mechanical clutch can be retained with this swap, but a floor shift must be adapeted as the original column shift will not lock up to this box. An LC-LJ tailshaft will be found to be the correct length and splines, either, Auto 3 speed man, or Aust 4 speed.

Floor modifications are limited to the floor tunnel between crossmember beneath the floor - just in front of the seat to the base of the firewall where the original coverplate used to be; and from side to side of the floor where trimming is necessary for gearbox rib on the extension housing has to be removed less it will foul this crossmember. Speedo cable can be used from HK-T-G with LC-LJ Torana with M-15, M-20, or M-2.

Fitting of this gearbox is strenuous because of the limited floor area, gearbox, bell housing, throw-out and release mechanism, and clutch and pressure plate must all be fitted up as one unit, because with bell housing and clutch bolted in position the gearbox cannot be put into position due to excessive angle caused by the back of the gearbox hitting the floor crossmember, but as a whole unit no problems are encountered in fitment.

Rear crossmembers are up to the owners choice. Commercial vehicles are relatively easy because of their chassis rails providing a solid mounting point for the rear crossmember - cut down HQ being ideal cut down crossmember (HQ) (to 2 feet 11-1/4 inches) to these. On sedans the crossmember must be mounted to the floor. Rare Spares Joe Dellow and other conversion manufacturers supplying these, or can be owner fabricated with caution being taken to ensure adequate strength of mounting to the floor is necessary as the Early Holden floor is not renowned for superstrength - bracing on top of the floor above the crossmember is highly advised.

Other methods of mounting have been employed such as mounting of ute/van rails from the crossmember to front shackel mount to provide a solid crossmember mounting point, or attaching brackets to the inner sills and mouting a crossmember to this - once again the inner sill are only made of 1/16 inch steel - not famous for strength.

The rear engine mount sits about 4 inches behind the crossmember and unfortunately cannot be easily supprted on this. Unlike other 4 speed conversions dealt with later on.

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