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Page 17                     CHAPTER 10 (continued)

        Other Jap 5 speeds are adaptable to the red or grey motor, but the Toyota cast case 5 speed seems to be the most popular conversion and one of the stronger 5 speeds around.


        For ultimate reliability behind high horsepower motors, 6's and 8's, that are going to be worked hard, Saginaw and Single Rail being the weaker of the group but being able to handle all 6's and 8;s. T10's, Muncie's and Toploader being stronger as they progress. Saginaw, Muncie and T10 being easier as a factory bellhousing is available, as HK-T-G's were availzble with Saginaw with HD option and Muncie and GM-T10 sharing common bolt pattern while T10 (Ford) Single Rail and Toploader require a special bellhousing, one available from converson shops. For application to V8's once again bellhousings are relatively easy for Saginaw, Muncie, GM-T10 as both 253/308 and Chevrolet have been equipped with these (after market housings are available) but are rare for 253/308. The Ford range of gearboxes require a full new bellhousing but are easily available from conversion houses.

        Clutches for all these applications are the all syncro/Aussie type - correct spline for Sag/Muncie but are a loose fit on T10/Toploader/BWSR being correct pitch and internal spline but outside diameter of splines is a bit to long, and big. On V8's the correct clutch is available for any application as 253/308/CHA uses the factory plate for Saginaw/Muncie or a factory plate for the others is available from the place of origin in either 10 inch or 11 inch from Ford (Sedan) or 10-1/2 inch from the F100.

        Major floor surgery and crossmember reworking is needed for any 6 application while both floor and firewall mods are needed for an 8. The GM boxes T10 and Toploader all have linkages on the LHS meaning the tunnel hump requires offsetting to this side. Crossmembers and tailshafts must be owner fabricated to suit. Speedo cables are easy factory cables fit GM boxes while early Falcon cables fit easiely and are compatiable with the FJ speedo head.

        These gearboxes require quite a bit of thought for correct fitment, but are rewarding in the confidance in the strength they provide. All these gearboxes are relatively easy to procure and all other excellent results in ratios most being available in varying ratios to suit most applications.

Toploaders - Falcon to XA inclusive 6 and V8

                  TC Cortina 6 cyl

Single Rail - Falcon XB to 86 6 and V8

                  Cortina TD/TF 6 cyl

                  P 76 6 and V8

                  Valiant 4 spd and 6 cyl Centure

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