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Page 15                          CHAPTER 10 (continued)

        Speedo cables and tailshaft must be fabricated as speedos in these models have push on connections at speed head, and due to their length no known tailshaft is compatiable, so shortening of an existing one is necessary, Fabrication of a rear crossmember is similar to M15-M20-M21, if used, 5 speed boxes are also available and fitment is similar.

        These gearboxes although plentiful are more difficult to fit than others - requiring more floor surgery than an Aussie 4 speed with no additional strength or reliability. Other Jap 4 speeds should be considered before this one.

DATSUN 1600, 4 and 5 speed boxes (Imported type)

        The most popular of any 4 speed conversion to holden with a non original non

        These gearboxesare plentiful, clean and quite strong. Fit in with a minimum of trouble and are available for red or grey motors. They can be fitted in some cases to cars retaining a bench seat (1600 only - stick must be reversed) and with a minimum of floor work.

        Humping of the cover plate area is plentiful, and an adaptor plate is used - red or grey motor adaptors, grey have provision for side engine mounts. The clutch throwout arm needs to be lengthened, to gain clutch feel and decrease clutch release travel, a special carrier and bearing is needed which is available from most conversion shops. Spigot bearing needs reaming out 1/32 inch and input shaft requires shortening 3/8 inch. Datsun clutch plate from 240, 260 c and k is used in conjunction with the holden pressure plate.

        Rear engine mounts where used are simple. 180B being similar in length to Aussie 3 and 4 speed while 1600 are similar to the Opel. Lining up with the floor crossmember LC-LJ tailshaft is compatiable with the 180B box must be fabricated, speedo cables must also be fabricated as neither end is compatiable with holden.

Bucket seats must be used for the 180B and the 1600 box if not reversed.

        The underfloor crossmember must be removed for correct drive angle, but i have seen many Datsun's fitted and mounted low at the rear, in this way the back crossmember can be retained but excessive tailshaft drive angle will result, the 5 speed boxes from simiilar cars - Stanza and 180SSS are identical in fitting procedure.

        On all boxes, the starter hump on the RHS of the box must be removed to allow for clearance of the clutch pedal.

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