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Page 4                                  CHAPTER 4

                    CHANGING TO 12 VOLT CONVERSION


On vehicles equipped with bosch generator/regulator all that is required is a change of all globes, generator and regulator, and flasher can - if blinkers are fitted - starter motor and dash lights can be left 6 volt with no resulted damage.

If wide belt harmonic balancer is used a wide belt generator pulley from a Bedford Humber of early 50 English vehicle can be adapted to Bosch or Lucas narrow belt 12 volt generator.

Fuel gauge will still operate, but a little erratic, also brake light, interior light fuse (on light switch) must be replaced by one of lesser amperage (usually half). Standard wiring loom if in good condition will easily handle 12V due to half amperage required for some wattage - refer OHMS law for proof. On earlier models fitted with Delco Ramey electrics a similar conversion is done except for regulator where the B4 and F (Battery and Field) wires must be reversed for correct operation at charging circuit.

12-volt coil must also be fitted for correct conversion - points and condenser are the same for both 6 and 8, and need no alteration. Beware of ignition coils as ones marked (Use with "RESISTOR" are unsuitable for 12, unless a resistor is used on line between -+- on coil and power supply.

The fitment of alternators is a quite easy, bracket for fitment to grey motor having to be owner fabricated. Passing the original regulator and connecting up to the alternator easily modify the wiring loom. The original indicator wire (from field terminal can be connected to the "IND" terminal on the alternator or to the BROWN wire on BROWN wiring loom for external regulator, output wire from alternator can be connected to D4 (Dynamo wire) which is in turn connected to B4 (Battery feed). HK-HG alternator loom is ideal because it is directly connected with alternator to regulator and has the indicator wire left out for easy connection.

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