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Page 2                                    CHAPTER 3

                              CHANGING YOUR REAR END
FE to EK Brakes.
          48-54 Banjo must be changed due to different race size in this model. Onn the wide spring models a late (55-56), FJ banjo is used and fitted with FE-FC axles, braking plates, retainers, etc, these having the same brake lining size, springs and leaver action shocks, these mounts must be fitted to the appropriate banjo being used, care to be taken to maintian correct pinion angle. All brake conversions using FE-EK are1", FE-EK having greater surface area (wider) than the earlier brakes.
          This change is more involved than that of the earlier brakes, but being more popular and rewarding becuase of the better braking from these units, stronger axles, and the compatibility with the popular (late front end) (HR) conversion. EJ-EH banjos are the better choice due to easier removal of the diff. Saddles. HD-HR being a fully welded sandwich type saddle which must be removed and replaced with the earlier saddle.
          Saddle once removed (easiest with a chisel) must be relocated in by 5/8" on either side - care being taken to maintain correct pinion angle. All axles in the range EJ-HR are interchangeable, as well as diff, centres. Brakes as well can be swapped to suit front brakes - discs requiring smaller cylinders as compared to drums on front. Combination of rear brakes can be produced as well from LC-LX Torana and HK-HG, the later giving larger rear brakes, both in width and diameter. Handbrake cables can either be adapted from later models (HD-HR) are the correct length, EJ-EH are 6" short, HK-HG can be mounted as in thier original position or fabricated from the existing FX-FJ cable with later ends and brakets fitted as in the correct manner to secure it in the blanking plates.
          Hydraulic hoses must be adapted in the same manner as the front brakes by either adapters or specially fabricated hoses.
          Other rear ends can be adapted as to personal choice. LC-LJ Torana giving a reduced track by about 5" - suitable for very wide wheels, UC Torana - same width as EJ-HR,but of the salisbury type (rear helmet) some being equipped with disc brakes in Holden bolt pattern. Toyota Crown (local assembled) haing Ford bolt pattern, Holden diff, centre and brakes and being of similar width.

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