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Page 1a                                    CHAPTER 2

                                        STEERING BOXES
          FE-HR all having the same sector, height but having different length columns, the latter the shorter, are not a very good fit into the early Holden, the box needing a spacer/adapter to allow to fit onto the early rail and the column coming up through the firewall, through the area where the battery mounts. This requires relocation of the battery. The columns are compatible with early gearboxes as linkages are easily modified to fit and operate, as both linkages are for lockout and selection.
          HK-T-G. A far stronger steering box, mostly with ratio of 20:1 though some Monaros and power steering vehicles had 16:1. Likewise an adaptor is needed for fitment, and minor notching of the sub-frame 'back brace' is needed for clearance. The boxes having a seperate column can be used through a uni or flex coupling to a late column of your preference and requirments.
          Both these boxes clear red motor filters, unlike problems sometimes encountered with the standard box though only the HK type box can be used with the battery in standard position.

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